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Sleepy Meadow Pet Cemetery and Crematorium

Closure of Barnes Hill RSPCA Pet Cemetery, Birmingham

We have been contacted by some owners who have their dearly loved and missed pets buried at the above cemetery (Barnes Hill Pet Cemetery in Birmingham) with a view to relocating them to our beautiful, tranquil, picturesque, countryside pet cemetery in Sandbach, Cheshire.

Our immediate thoughts are for the distraught owners who must be enduring so much grief and upset at the thought of their pet(s) having to be exhumed and taken elsewhere.  We don’t know why it is necessary for the RSPCA to close this cemetery and sell off the land but we can assure “parents” of pets there that if they are entrusted to our care, we can exhume and relocate to our very highly respected pet cemetery.  And, indeed if many owners decided to relocate to us if they have to remove their pets as a result of the closure at Barnes Hill Pet Cemetery, we could lay them to rest again in an almost exact pattern of where they are now as we have many acres licensed to bury on. We are also willing to exhume and transport any pets coming to us for burial or cremation.
We certainly will be protecting their future and resting place, and not entertain any redevelopment, whatever the price, as pets are far more important than any monetary gain however big the price.

We are basically as near to the alternative pet cemetery offered at Hereford but we have many acres to bury on as opposed to under an acre there.  We are also well served by a railway station (Sandbach) within walking distance of the cemetery.  We are also half an hour on the M6 to Junction 17 away from Birmingham, and then 5 minutes from there.
Clients can visit their pets at any time 24/7 and yet it is secure from non-clients.  There is no compulsory maintenance fee, and our fee for burial we are told is the lowest in the country.
We care very deeply about everyone’s pet whether it is a hamster or a horse.  We know what a pet means to its owners and you never get over losing a companion of this kind but learn to live with it.
You never replace them nor would wish to.
We obviously are trying to make owners of graves aware of our existence as we only know a few owners, so if you are an owner or know of any affected by the closure of the RSPCA Barnes Hill Pet Cemetery then you are all very welcome to contact us.

Telephone: 01270 526307
Mobile: 07929 785490

Thank you for allowing us to possibly help at this very sad and distressing time.  Please contact us if we can help in any way- there is no obligation of course to use our services.

Sleepy Meadow offers a new resting place for pets that need relocating due to the closure of Barnes Hill RSPCA pet cemetery

For a map and directions where the Pet Cemetery & Crematorium are located please visit the Find Us page.